Hatha Yoga with Nataša

Hatha Yoga with Nataša

freitags, 10:30 Uhr, open class in english

Just come as you are and bring curiosity to explore yourself and your bodies.

Please ask via E-Mail
Cost open class -> Tarife

This is a 90min hatha-yoga class held in english, suitable for beginner students and intermediate students. The slow pace of this yoga-class is an invitation to draw your awareness inwards, observe the sensations and befriend your bodies. During the coming weeks we will move from our feet up through our body structure and familiarize ourselves with some anatomy as well as the corresponding cakras.

The practices introduced can be explored on your own during the week in between if you like to deepen your interoception and go on into more subtle areas of your somatic and energetic experience. You can drop in anytime – or follow the whole process.

This yoga class is led by:


Nataša teaches Hatha Yoga for beginners and advanced students. She prefers a slow pace in her yoga classes and particularly invites you to direct your awareness inwards, notice the sensations in your body and make friends with your body. She completed her 2-year yoga training in the yoga room and also teaches a yoga class in English. She lovingly directs your attention into your body - so that you will gradually feel this wonderful connection to it again.